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Dante Lauretta and Michael Lyon founded Xtronaut Enterprises to develop innovative educational content associated with space exploration. Dr. Lauretta has spent over 16 years developing and leading the OSIRIS-REx mission. Xtronaut also produces the award-winning game Constellations: The Game of Stargazing and the Night Sky and Downlink: The Game of Planetary Discovery. • Are you alone? – Bonus mysteries! Complete your survey of the planet to find out. You’ll know you’re on the road to completion when you’ve heard the words ‘cucumber sh*twater’ and found the ‘festering butthole’. Import space ship models, planetary surface textures and terrain, astronomical cooking fever games for free catalogs, and more Classic collection will reprint roleplaying game’s original box set and five supplements. Many of the games I saw at PAX South emphasized a feeling of being welcome: Simple colors, bright lights, drawing from retro and painterly aesthetics to entice players. These games are storybooks, cartoons, origami projects with flowing fabrics and glowing suns. InnerSpace exemplifies this approach. Its visual style is highly influenced by Journey; the simple color palette of blues, reds, and oranges are a deliberate attempt to make the environments calming and easily read.